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    Freelance writing and blogging on design topics including home decorating, architecture, art, color,design fairs and trends.

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    Freelance writing and blogging on lifestyle topics including fashion, shopping, gardening, dining, and entertaining.

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    Freelance writing and blogging on travel topics including hotel design, restaurants, art, history, places to visit and things to do.

Great Content Matters

In today’s digital world, brands are expected to create and publish compelling content equal to that of  magazines and newspapers. 

Running a successful branding and marketing campaign now requires that you don a publishing hat to produce and publish magazine quality content that is broadcast across various communication channels from your company’s blog to your brand’s social media accounts. Designing, developing and creating digital content that resonates, connects and engages with your audience not only requires high-quality writing skills, but a strong technical understanding of blogs, websites and social media platforms in order to craft content that will succeed on those various channels.

This can be a challenging and expensive task if you don’t have someone in-house who can do it or if  you have to hire and manage a staff of writers, editors and digital media experts. An option you may want to consider is to hire a freelance writer.  Someone you can count on to design, produce and deliver compelling, smart, elegant, style-filled and engaging content that clearly resonates and connects with today’s demanding design and lifestyle audiences. Partnering with a qualified writer who knows your industry and understands your customer base and audience as well as delivers results will allow you to focus on your company’s core mission, save time and money.  Without the cost and commitment of staffing a content/media publishing department, your brand will have a freelance writer at the ready to produce meaningful content that informs, entertains, and enchants your brand’s audience.



Like publishers, brands need to make sure that each piece of content—Facebook update, tweet, sponsored story, Pinterest board and microsite—is valuable to their customers, and maps back to a greater narrative. Cutting corners here creates cheap brand publishing, makes for a lousy story and, by extension, the perception of a brand that doesn’t care.

Sam Slaughter
Ad Week, "Genuine Brand Publishing Needs to Trump Generic Content Marketing"
Publish meaningful, captivating content that your audience will love, share and will keep your brand on their minds!

Premium Content Solutions

Short-Form Content

600 Words or Less
  • Image captioning.
  • Articles and blog posts.
  • Social media updates.
  • Sponsored posts.
  • Ghost-written articles or posts.


Long-Form Content

Over 600 Words
  • Research intensive articles or blog posts.
  • Interviews.
  • Trends reports.
  • Sponsored posts.
  • Ghost-written articles or blog posts.

Special Projects

  • Long-term writing projects. 
  • Syndicated columns or editorials.
  • Digital branding content strategy and implementation.
  • Reporting on design fairs, trades shows and industry conferences.

Custom designed graphics and photographs sourced by CMNmedia are available for each of the premium content options should your project require them. 

CMNmedia offers your brand the luxury to focus on what you do best – running a successful business while I develop and provide your brand with premium content for your digital platform whether it’s a blog, website portal or one or more social media channels.




Behind the Writer's Desk.

A Little About Me

Passionate Storyteller, Word Lover, Decorating Diva, Glamorous Gallivanter, Inquisitive Introvert, Knowledge Seeker, Voracious Reader and,oh, yeah, Geeky Tech Girl.  Want to know more? Read on…

Experience Summary

As founder, creative director and main writer at the interior design blog, The Decorating Diva, I grew a small, luxury interiors and lifestyle niche blog with a minor social media presence into a powerful platform that now boasts over six million impressions monthly and continues to grow in influence and market share.

Since 2013, I’ve produced articles, blog posts and social media content for over 20 design industry brands including home decorating publications, furniture and decor manufacturers and home interiors retailers.

The focus of my freelance writing, social media content development and blogging services is to create engaging, shareable content that resonates with audiences and performs beautifully on social media channels and search engines.

For over 15 years, I’ve been immersed in the worlds of interior decorating, design, art, and architecture as an award-winning home furnishings retailer, design consultant, instructor and writer traveling the globe reporting on trends and products at international design fairs.

On a daily basis nearly 40,000 design enthusiasts, including a significant number of interior designers, follow, engage and share my social media musings on design, lifestyle and travel.

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Carmen Natschke, freelance writer and founder of the internationally acclaimed interior design blog,  The Decorating Diva

Carmen Natschke, freelance writer and founder of the internationally acclaimed interior design blog, The Decorating Diva.


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